5 Fashion Tips For Girls With Apple Shaped Body

As a girl, selecting outfits that are suitable for our body shape is the most essential thing that we can do to build self-confidence. If you are having an apple-shaped body, this article may help you select the correct outfits to emphasize your body curves. Matching clothing for your body becomes simple if you have all of the details. So, stay with us to know about some trending fashion tips, styling hints, and practical advice on how to feel good about your apple-shaped body. So girls with apple shaped body, this article is for you.

what is an apple-shaped body?

Girls with apple-shaped bodies have wide shoulders, a large middle body, a narrow waist with a pooch belly. The lower part of the body, namely the legs, is thin with small hips.

Although it might be hard to make an apple shape seem thin and fit, especially in the belly area, playing around with garments according to the following principles can make the work so much easier and exciting. If you’ve recently found your real body form and are seeking some styling advice, read the professional instructions below and try following those fashion tips to look your best.

girls with apple shaped body

1. Tops wear fashion tips

Most of the girls with an apple-shaped body have a larger stomach and waist, it’s recommended to wear tops and T-shirts that draw attention away from it. So, study the below most popular recommendations for tops that suit an apple-shaped body.

  • If you are a girl with an apple-shaped body it’s recommended to wear printed tops instead of plain colors. tops with tripes and other geometric patterns provide you the appearance of a smaller waistline.
  • Wearing tops that emphasize your chest area, shoulders, and high neck are an excellent method to draw attention away from pooch belly.
  • Tops with a V-neck make your waist area looks curvier while the peplum tops give the appearance of a thinner body.
  • Girls with an apple-shaped body can also follow ruched, smocked tops trends.

2. Bottom wear fashion tips for an apple-shaped body.

since it may create a very attractive waistline silhouette, it is advisable to wear mid-rise or high-waisted denim and jeans for the girls with an apple-shaped body. To some extent, this also helps to conceal the muffin top. Here are some fashion tips for you to concentrate on while choosing bottom wear.

  • Buy stretchable fabrics since apple-shaped bodies already have a pooch belly and a big bust so, sitting may be difficult with tight-fitting garments that don’t stretch. Wearing high-waisted bottoms might be uncomfortable for you, so choose a material that you are really comfortable with.
  • Another bottom wear outfit that looks super cute on girls with the apple-shaped body is skater skirts. They may be worn with most crop tops and hoodies and will make you look younger and cute. But if they have too many ruffles, you may look overly baggy and fat. Skirts that are above the knee are more suitable to wear.
  • Although slim-fitting jeans definitely emphasize your legs, they are frequently troublesome since they can push a lot of skin in the belly area. So, it will both be comfortable and attractive for you to wear normal jeans or flared jeans.
  • Wearing trousers make you look appealing and sexy. If you want your legs to look slimmer than your upper body, you can wear tapered trousers.

3. Dress wear fashion tips for girls with apple shaped body

When it comes to dresses, girls with apple-shaped bodies are somewhat lucky since there are so many alternative dresses that look pretty on them. When selecting dresses, keep in mind to select the dresses that hide your pooch belly and emphasize the hip. If you have an apple-shaped figure, keep the following guidelines in mind when shopping for a dress. plus size dresses for girls

  • Color-blocking dresses with different patterns make your body look slimmer and taller.
  • If you want the belly area to look curvy and slimmer than your upper body, you can go for a dress with narrow shoulders. This will also add a fashionable look to your body.
  • Smoked dresses, A-line dresses, and short-sleeved dresses are some options that girls with apple-shaped bodies can choose.
  • Swimwear fashion tips for an apple-shaped body.

Every girl owns a bikini body. But, if you are having a plus-size body, it will be somewhat difficult for you to find swimwear that suits you. Since everyone is looking for swimwear that doesn’t emphasize their pooch belly, one should be able to select the most appropriate one out of the alternatives. Here are some typical guidelines for selecting the best swimwear for an apple-shaped body.

One-piece bikinis are more appropriate if you wish to create the illusion of a more defined and smaller waist and upper body. This swimsuit will also make your legs appear longer and draw more attention to them.

The surplice swimwear with a deep neck highlights your bust area and covers the fat belly area.

Wearing color-blocking swimwear with different patterns is also a great way to emphasize your curves. So, we recommend you try colorful swimwear with different textures and patterns.

Another smart method to give your curvy body a thinner appearance is to wear more colorful swimwear with a design or contrasting color in the center.

4. Jewelers fashion tips

girls with apple shaped body

Using accessories to complete a costume is the ultimate exclamation point. That is why you should be able to match the accessories you wear according to your body shape. To draw attention away from the chest, add a narrow belt and bulky jewelry. We recommend you use a belt to make your waistline looks thinner and curvy. belts for curvy girls

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